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Genius Biofeedback

Genius Biofeedback

The Genius is a cutting-edge quantum biofeedback software. Using the sophisticated voice engine, the system evaluates your energetic field in frequencies at that time. Through collaborative coaching process, your personalized optimal set of harmonizing frequencies are generated in sound form so you can listen and entrain to help create a calm state of mind.

The Genius, the quantum system, allows online or remote sessions just as effective as an in-person session. Remote sessions reduce the logistical time and expenses while preserving the rich and enduring contents and benefits.
This highly individualized approach gives you a powerful edge to create positive changes in your life.

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I meet online or in person to discuss your goals. I then create a unique plan to meet your goals.  During the biofeedback session, we record your voice and picture.  Based on the reading, I select the optimal balancing frequencies for you.  

These frequency harmonics are pleasant tones you can listen to during the session. If you opt to have one of our Quanta Capsule App, your frequencies will be uploaded to your phone or other tablet.  Enjoy the powerful stress reducing tones in between the scheduled sessions to maximize the benefit.

Some of my clients have reported relief after a series of sessions. Their experience has included:

  • Improved sleep
  • Less Worry
  • Thinking more clearly
  • A renewed sense of vitality
  • A feeling of hope that things can get better

These changes are often related to some types of stress. With regular Genius sessions, many of my clients experience an increased sense of peace and balance in their lives.

About Me

Trained as a Quantum Health Coach, I work together with my clients to help solve them health challenges and make positive changes.
The Genius Biofeedback is one of the essential tools I use to help my clients successfully navigate through life challenges.
Many people experience anxiety, poor sleep, poor digestion, fatigue and more. These changes are often related to some type of stress. With regular Genius sessions, many of my clients experience an increased sense of peace and balance in their lives.
If you would like to have an experience of feeling calmer, centered and in the present moment, a Genius Biofeedback session could be very helpful for you.

Clients are saying…
“Since I started listening the sound with Genius every day, I started getting tips in much larger amount. This happened totally unexpectedly after my Genius practitioner included Money Magnetizing program! I think it’s working! …. Emily

“I had no idea until Genius told me the gutter leak my house. I didn’t pay attention to what Genius said until next day I walked outside while it was raining and sure enough all 4 corner fittings were leaking.” – Craig

Basic Program includes one set of personalized frequency, starting at $147/month. Multi-programs or Family Plan available .
In addition, there are many goal-specific program that may be part of our monthly plan.

10 Week Detox: The body builds up toxins including heavy metals, solvents, pesticides and more.  Use frequencies to clear toxins from your energetic field to help create ease and lightness in your body.

Courageous Transitions: Have you recently had a separation in your life? Had a challenging loss that may be hard to navigate alone? Experience frequencies created specially to help you move into a place of elevated emotions and peace.

Food Sensitivity Energetic Assessment: Find out which food to avoid to help with digestive disturbances including bloating and fatigue.

Weight Release: When you take a whole-body approach to weight release, your behavior preference, circadian rhythm, emotional state, you begin to uncover areas resistant to release weight.