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Stress Management

Stress Management

Stress management is an important part of our health management. You’ll find stressors that would make us feel upset, sad, uneasy and fearful are everywhere. Dealing with stress is part of life. Negative reactions to oncoming stressors are often unavoidable. It is a part of the human body’s survival-based physiology. However, chronically stressed state of our mind/body is detriment to our health and our well-being.

Good news is that we have a choice. We can either let the stress takes over and leave us feeling helpless and get sick or we can equip ourselves with a skill to effectively identify early signs of the stressed state and quickly come out of the negative spiral. It’s relatively simple but takes a deliberate practice, practice with a clear intention to get better at it. If you want to own your body and your health, you will want to do this.

mindZbody offers a comprehensive stress management program that may be individualized to accelerate the learning process.

Examples of the services we provide are:

  • Liberating one’s breathing capacity through movement, meditation and various breathing techniques.
  • Improving Heart Rate Variability to relieve stress and anxiety AND improve overall health
  • My Yoga to practice yoga that builds stability, strength and flexibility while improving your ‘weak link’ in your body.

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