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Z-Health Movement Training

Movement Training

Everything we do is driven by intricate network communication between the brain and the body. In a way, we are practicing neurology everyday, either accidentally or on purpose. As we interact with the world, our nervous is interpreting the information based on our individual lens, filtered with our own, unique life experience. Things we do over and over get easy and become automatic. We know this happen on our conscious level. But many, important changes are happening under our conscious radar.

By the time we realize we need to do something, things have already progressed far along. Wouldn’t you want to know before the conditions are fully manifested as diagnosable symptoms? Z-Health Performance Improvement system provides the rationale, process and tools to help us understand our current state of neurology. Z-Health is about the whole-body movement. It aims to facilitate to create movements that are easy, comfortable and appropriate according to the individual’s nervous system. It addresses many required elements to create a fluid movement that adapts and forms to match the changing demand of life. These elements include:

  • Breathing work to create the stamina that fuels the body
  • Dynamic joint mobility work to give the most movement that the structure allows
    to create smooth effortless movement
  • Balance training to enhance the stability and control and optimize the function of the inner ear system
  • Eye movement training because when the eyes are not moving well, the brain is quick to signal danger

My work with clients are firmly grounded in the Z-Health principles. It integrates the latest neuroscience and biomechanics to give the best results my clients.

Visual training, consists of a variety of drills to enhance visual performance. Visual Training could mean:

  • Improving how clearly you can see up close and far away with one eye and with both eyes.
  • Improving the depth perception so you can accurately gauge how far the objects are
  • Widening your peripheral field view of something you are not directly looking. This increases the sense of safety for you and for your brain.
  • Improving the contrast sensitivity so you can see better when you are driving at night.


All these matter greatly to the health of the brain. Our programs focus on working on the muscles of the eyes, just like we work our biceps, it’s all about improving how we move through life.

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